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gps tracker

This is a small piece of hardware that has to be installed in the vehicle. There are several hidden locations in a vehicle where the device can be installed like steering console, OTG input, fuel tank, head or tail lamp, roof console etc, as per your preference. This device will use the vehicle’s constant power to collect and send the data to the cloud server and the mobile app. The device has a small inbuilt battery which keeps  providing the information even after the vehicle’s power source is dismantled which is very useful in case of a theft.

The device sends a disconnection alert on to the software in case of disconnection of power including the location where it is disconnected.

The device also gives you an access to the ignition of the vehicle allowing you to turn off the engine of the car at any point of time you want through our mobile app. The vehicle immobilization system has many applications practically like

  • can be used to prevent theft of your vehicle
  • can be used to prevent unwanted usage of the vehicle and many more applications.

This GPS device is designed to be installed using Clipping method which means no wires of the vehicle has to be cut off so that the vehicle remains under manufacturer warranty.

The device uses any SIM card to connect with multiple satellites consuming not more than 200MB of internet data per month.



A dashboard camera as it sounds by the name itself, is a small camera system which is fixed on the dashboard of the vehicle from the inside of windscreen. The camera takes the vehicle’s power source i.e., the battery to function with power consumption as low as a GPS tracker. It is designed in a way that it captures 180° view outside the vehicle.

This device helps you monitor the vehicle visibly as in you are at the front seat of the vehicle at all times. The Dash-Cam can also be very useful in case of any accident, Insurance coverage, Theft and many more applicable usages.

The device not only works when the vehicle is moving, it also keeps recording the video when the car is parked.

The Dash-Cam has a memory card slot where you can insert an external storage card and all the video would be additionally saved in it and in case of the memory is filled up, nothing to worry about as the Dash-Cam has a cloud storage of up to 6 months of time.

The cloud storage is easy to access with the mobile app where you can select even a specific date and time to view the video coverage.


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It is a very small device that can be placed in a hidden or an open place in the vehicle as per the convenience of the customer that allows you the access of your vehicle audibly from the inside. The device transmits clear audio from the vehicle’s cabin to your mobile phone which you can record and save as per necessity.

No Internet data is required by the device for functioning.

No application or cloud base is required to store the data.

How it works:

The microphone device is installed into the vehicle containing a SIM card which can be independently chosen by the customer.

When a call is placed to the installed SIM in the device, it automatically picks up the call without any kind of notification in the car.

You would be able to hear clear voice transmitted through the microphone as you are listening to a phone call.

This process is very simple and hassle free giving the customer an option to listen to the device only when it is required this process also reduces data and storage consumption.



The software here we talk about works as a display and control unit for the hardware that we have installed in our vehicle.
It extracts the data from the servers which is collected from the GPS device and puts it out on your mobile phone display on a real time scale. 

The software takes your command and send it to the server which again is directed to the hardware in order to perform certain actions such as vehicle Immobilizer and Geo-Fence.

The software is designed in the most sophisticated way possible making it very easy to understand and process. All the information is segregated on its own place so that you never have to look for one thing twice. The UI is friendly, informative, fast recipient and very responsive.

Cloud Base Server

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The server does the job of receiving the data from satellites through the hardware that’s installed in the vehicle and store the data for lateral use
It transmits the data to be displayed on the software screen.
It stores the data till 6 months of time.
Every information that the mobile app can show you, can be accessed back in time including vehicle speed, distance covered, Rash driving report, movements track and the rest.

It simply means you can check every bit of the information like where your car was moving to and from and in what speed, where it stopped, where it was started, upto six months back in time.